BEST SELLER - Creating a High Performance Team : Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team

  Product ID : BEST-CLRO-0001

  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 60 Minutes

Claudette Rowley, Cultural Brilliance CEO, is a cultural design and change management consultant with a knack for building strategic plans and orchestrating organizational changes that boost business performance and increase employee engagement at the same time. For the past eighteen years, Claudette has consulted, trained and coached executive leaders and management teams at Fortune 1000 companies, small businesses and start-ups to create a pro-active and innovative workplace culture that delivers outstanding results throughout all areas of an organization.

Claudette is the creator of the Cultural Brilliance System™, author of Embrace Your Brilliance: Align Yourself With Your Unique Potential and co-host of the globally syndicated radio show, Cultural Brilliance The DNA of Organizational Excellence™. She holds a Masters degree from the University of Michigan, is a certified coach through Coaches Training Institute and International Coach Federation and has trained in leading methodologies in organizational development, conflict resolution, mediation, the Predictable Success business lifecycle model, and related systems. Claudette is also a certified partner with CultureTalk.

High performing teams are the backbones of any company. As Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, states “Teamwork is the last untapped resource.” This webinar explores the foundations of creating a highly functional teams. These teams share a commitment to self-awareness, solid relationships and accountability which form the basis for deep trust and great results. We will also discuss the importance of mindset on a team. Like organizational culture, team mindset drives team relationships, decisions and problem-solving.

Teams often struggle to resolve conflict effectively and as a result, conflict gets swept under the rug or becomes toxic over time. Participants will explore how team conflict can be generative and can add – rather than detract – from a team’s success.

Learning Objectives

  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team framework
  • How to build team trust
  • How to identify and shift your team’s mindset
  • How to manage team conflict effectively
  • How to create a results-oriented team
  • How to identify what a high performing looks like for your company

Who Should Attend

Leaders and managers who want to build high-performance teams, Companies or industries in which teamwork is critical for success

Why Should Attend

How teams work together, communicate and resolve conflict can drive the success – or failure – of an organization. After effective leadership, productive, creative teamwork is the number two factor in high performing companies. During this webinar, you’ll learn how

  • To apply Patrick Lencioni’s Five Functions to your team
  • To assess your team’s functioning including areas of strength and improvement
  • To explore the level of trust in your team and strategies for building better trust among team members
  • To leverage the mindset to increase your team’s performance
  • To increase your team’s productivity through effective conflict resolution
  • To develop a plan of action for increasing your team’s performance
  • $150.00

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