Building an Accountable Organization

  Product ID : JOSI-0001

  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 60 Minutes

Joanne (Jo) Sigurdson holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) Degree and uses her over 30 years of experience in leading and building organizations to mentor and coach Executives and Leaders of growth organizations. Working with companies ranging in sales volume of $1M to $300 Million, Joanne has helped them grow their leadership knowledge and skills and take their organizations to new heights in both sales volume and team effectiveness. As a leadership coach, Joanne also speaks across Canada and writes on key elements of successful leadership development.

This session is designed to help you understand how to build an organization of accountability that stays focused on results within a team environment. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand how accountability benefits your organization and know how to build a culture of team members who hold each other accountable. You will also be able to understand how to build in results focused accountabilities into your day to day work activities, and ensure accountability becomes part of your long-term planning process.

One of the most difficult skills to master in the leadership of any organization is the ability to build accountability into the culture of the entity. Core accountabilities need to be an integral part of your business strategy and plan in order to achieve results and have your team operating in harmony, however creating a culture of accountability is not always an easy task. Building a positive culture of accountability is not only a very effective way to achieve great results in reaching your goals and objectives, but will also have a positive impact on your team in helping to achieve a high level of trust.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding of why building a culture of accountability is critical to success
  • Knowledge of how to have team members hold each other accountable
  • Learn how to focus on key accountabilities that will get results
  • Ensure accountability becomes part of your long-term planning process

Who Should Attend

  • Owners/leaders of small, medium and large companies who want to build more accountability into their organizational structures
  • Executive Directors and leaders of non-profit organizations who are responsible for team productivity
  • Individuals looking to start and found accompany and build it with a clear culture of accountability
  • Anyone wanting to build an organizational culture of accountability
  • $200.00

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