Business Intelligence Resources 2018

  Product ID : MARC-0002

  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 60 Minutes

Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.; eSolutions Architect and Executive Director of the Virtual Private Library™, Creator/Founder and Executive Producer of BOT2000 and BOT2001 conferences for; has designed, developed and created online databases and information retrieval access scripts for the last thirty years. He is a benefactor member of the Internet Society, participant in the IETF Users Services Working Group and was selected to participate in the U.S. Government's Open Meeting Electronic Forum as a non governmental expert on information retrieval and access. He is the Creator/Founder of® "The Spot for all Bots and Intelligent Agents on the Net" one of the Internet's most awarded sites (over 400 awards) and is considered the definitive resource for Bots, Intelligent Agents and Artificial Intelligence on the Internet. PC Magazine selected it as one of the Top 100 Best Web Sites on the Internet in 1998 as well as selected by Net Guide as the Top 10 of all Internet sites during all of 1998. BotSpot® was acquired by LLC in January 1999.

Currently Mr. Zillman is Executive Director of the Virtual Private Library™ creators of 54 Subject Tracer™ Information Blogs, writes, consults, tutors and delivers keynote speeches on The Future of the Internet: eCommerce Security, Cloud Computing, HTML5, IPV6. Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning. His previous and present memberships include: American Society for Information Science & Technology, Association of Computing Machinery, IEEE Computer Society, The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour, American Association for Artificial Intelligence, P2P Working Group and the gPulp Working Group. He has also authored over 100 professional Internet MiniGuides and Manuals on subject specific resources, hosted and produced over 160 Internet-101 weekly television shows, writes a monthly column on the latest Internet Resources as well as publishes a monthly newsletter titled Awareness Watch™. His white papers have been downloaded over ten million times. He was just recently acknowledged by Range Rover’s One Life Magazine as one of the top 20 innovators in the world and was titled “Deep Web Explorer”.

Business Intelligence Resources 2018 is the New Economy wave of the Internet. One must learn to use these various online business research tools in a manner that will not only aid but to enhance the various activities and sectors of your business activities. The fast pace of new start ups to maintaining your present position in today’s New Economy…. Business intelligence resources and tools have become a “must” have for ALL businesses who desire to maintain or improve their present positions both in branding and presence. Business Intelligence tools also allow you to determine the return on investment not only in e-commerce but also in the entire arena of social informatics that has taken the web by storm! Today we must have the business intelligence to make the correct decisions not only in fast and efficient manner but knowing you are using the appropriate information gathering tools and resources that are competent and qualified. Business Intelligence combined with artificial intelligence recreates the marketing scenarios that will move up rapidly into the fantastic future!

You will learn how to access the many online business intelligence resources that are available from Internet that have been pre-selected and filtered for you. These resources will give you the ability to not only monitor and in many ways to predict the various happenings to your business activities as they relate to the Internet. Being prepared with quality business intelligence resources will take away the fear, uncertainty and doubt associated in today New Economic Climate.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the current happenings in business intelligence and how this relates to you and your company or business
  • Maintain your competitive intelligence and risk management with business intelligence monitoring and buzz
  • Maintaining your security and privacy online through a better understanding of business intelligence and the current relevant BI software needed to accomplish that goal

Areas Covered

  • Business Intelligence Definition as it relates to your business
  • Business Intelligence Online Resources
  • Picking the correct business intelligence tool
  • Creating a business intelligence dashboard
  • The analytics of business intelligence
  • Predicting with business intelligence tools
  • Discovering new knowledge with selected business intelligence tools

Who Should Attend

  • Marketing Directors
  • Marketing Assistants
  • IT Department Supervisors
  • Administrative Assistants
  • CIO
  • CMO and Board Members
  • $200.00

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