Choosing the Right Contract and Delivery Method

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  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 90 Minutes

Saleh Mubarak, Ph.D.

  • Construction project management professional, professor, consultant, author, public speaker, and trainer
  • Ph.D. in civil engineering from Clemson University, USA, specialized in Construction Project Management
  • Experience: 30+years, diversified:
    o Industrial: private and public sectors, in the U.S. and internationally. Positions occupied include project engineer/manager, cost estimator, planner/scheduler, project controls manager, cost manager, training manager
    o  Academic: faculty member/professor, head of a department
  • Extensive experience in continuing education and professional training around the world. Topics are mainly planning & scheduling cost estimating, project controls. Topics also include soft skills and their integration with project management
  • Author of:
    o  Construction Project Scheduling and Control (currently 3rd edition, 4th edition is coming soon)
    o  How to Estimate with Means Data: Basic Skills for Building Construction (currently 4th edition, 5th edition is coming soon)
    o  Many articles; technical and other
  • Many presentations in professional conferences such as PMI, AACEInternational. The public speaker in many local, regional, and international events
  • An authority on project planning, scheduling, and project control
  • An advocate of holistic healthy living

This Webinar starts by explaining the types of contracts, along with the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of each type. It does the same for the delivery methods. It also discusses types of owners and then tries to describe the most appropriate contract and delivery method for the situation. This is a crucial education for owners that help them make the right decision at the right time. It also educates architects, engineers, and other construction-affiliated professionals in order to help owners make the right decision. The webinar explains the impact and implications of the decision on the project’s cost, schedule, roles, and liability of project participants, risk allocation, and more.

The planning for any construction project starts not at the construction phase or even the contracting phase. It starts at the conception phase before even contracting with the designer. There are several types of contracts and delivery methods that an owner can choose from. Each is more appropriate in certain situations. Picking the right one is crucial for the owner because this choice impacts many factors including total cost and the risk taken by each party.

Areas Covered

  • Definition and requirements of contracts
  • Types of construction contracts
    a. Characteristics of each type along with the pros & cons
  • Popular contract templates
  • Definition and types of delivery methods
    a. Characteristics of each type along with the pros & cons
  • Owners types
  • Case studies/exercises for choosing the right contract and delivery method

Course Level -  Basic / Intermediate

Who Should Attend

Owners, Architects, engineers (of all disciplines), contractors, subcontractors, project managers, project management team members, attorneys/lawyers

Why Should You Attend

This Webinar helps everyone involved in construction projects, particularly owners, make the very important decision of choosing the right contract and delivery methodically enough. Many owners pick the wrong type for the situation, usually misled by ignorance and motivated by a desire to save money, but they regret that later on when it is too late. This decision depends on the project type and circumstances as well as the owner’s organization. The decision impacts many aspects of the project such as the cost, schedule, roles of project participants, risk allocation, and more.

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