Crazy Chaos in Your Inbox? Calm the Chaos Today!

Crazy Chaos in Your Inbox? Calm the Chaos Today!



Workplace Power Institute

  Product ID : KABR-0020

  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 180 Minutes

Karla Brandau is a leading authority on time management and team productivity in the workplace. With over 25 years of teaching and coaching time management and over 15 years of specializing in Microsoft Outlook training, she specializes in combining the power of time management with the technology tool of Microsoft Outlook to help individuals “get it all done” in less time. She is the CEO of Workplace Power Institute ( and has educated managers with her proven time management and Microsoft Outlook productivity systems in companies such as Motorola, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Panasonic, and BYD America.

Karla’s time management with Microsoft Outlook workbook, “Have More Day at the End of Your Day”, is a valuable guide for anyone wanting to know how to use the power of technology to leave work on time. She is the author of “101 Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals,” writes a monthly informational newsletter, maintains a blog, and has authored many articles for digital information sites and magazines.

AGENDA ( 11:00 AM TO 02:15 PM )

  • LOGIN  - 10:45 AM TO 11:00 AM
  • 11:00 AM TO 12:00 PM - Email: The Business Communication Tool of Choice
  • AREAS COVERED - You may view email as your adversary because it keeps you from “real work.” However, as you step back and evaluate email as a communication tool and realize how much work you do right in your Inbox, you will realize the tremendous benefits email gives you as a communication tool.

    In this module, we will change your paradigm and make you an avid fan of email

    You’ll learn how to:

    Prioritize emails in a variety of ways

    Scan through emails for the highest priority ones to answer first

    Identify those situations that demand face-2-face communication, not email

    Skillfully deal with co-workers and friends who send you mindless emails

    Use email abbreviations to your advantage

    Deal with emotion in email

    Address the urgency level of the email

    Stop procrastinating returning emails

    Rate emails based on the “To,” “CC” and BCC” fields

    Included: Take home an infographic of Inbox processing skills.

  • BREAK - 12:00 PM TO 12:15 PM
  • 12:15 PM to 01:00 PM - Technology Tips That Help You Speed Through Your Inbox
  • AREAS COVERED - In this module, we explore technology features of your email program and give you tips for:

    Clearing your Inbox every day

    Handling work assigned to you via email

    Using reminders effectively

    Setting up categories

    Organizing and searching for emails you need to keep

    Using automation to move emails to selected folders

    Using flags and categories

    Making your email interface with your calendar and tasks

    With these tips, you’ll not only turbo speed through your email but you’ll increase your credibility with colleagues and team members as you stay on top of requests and meet deadlines.

  • BREAK - 01:00 PM TO 01:15 PM
  • 01:15 PM to 2:00 PM Writing Emails That Get Read And Don’t Get You in Trouble
  • AREAS COVERED - Email replaces stuffy and stiff letters, the fax machine, and even time-consuming telephone calls. Use email efficiently and you save time while increasing productivity.
    In this module, you’ll learn how to write emails that people open, read, and respond to in a timely manner

    The instruction includes how to:

    Write a subject line that catches attention and provides critical information

    Use subject line keywords for quick comprehension and sorting

    Have a clear structure

    Make the email visually easy to read

    Fix a subject line in a dead thread of subject lines

    Reserve time to respond when you need a moment to contemplate and comprehend requests

    Check grammar and punctuation

  • SUMMARY AND CLOSING - 02:00 PM TO 02:15 PM

Is managing the daily chaos in your Inbox sucking the life out of your daily routine? Then sign up for this webinar and learn how to calm the chaos and survive the heavy load of tasks and the constant stream of trivia that arrives via email.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Work from a clean Inbox
  • Reduce what flows into your Inbox
  • Expedite email processing
  • Organize, sort and prioritize emails right in the Inbox
  • Write emails that get read and answered
  • Identify your personal style of writing that gets results
  • Keep “no earthly purpose” emails from flying around the organization (jokes, cartoons, and tacky messages)
  • With this training, you’ll stay on top of urgent tasks and project deadlines.

Learning Objectives

Studies show most people spend about 50% of their work time writing and answering emails, substantiating the fact that email is an indispensable part of the workday. Processing email can be tedious, boring and often mind-numbing yet writing and responding to emails with speed and acumen is pivotal to your success.

In this day we spend together, you will learn how to:

  • Survive the email avalanche that dumps into your Inbox
  • Produce real results when processing your Inbox
  • Sort, prioritize and organize email entering your Inbox
  • Write emails that get answered
  • Improve your business writing skills
  • Refine your email etiquette
  • Communicate for results through email
  • Use email technology more efficiently

After this instruction, you’ll make better decisions as you scan through your emails laden with tasks and work items. You’ll be capable of adeptly attacking the most urgent emails, giving you a feeling of competence. However, the greatest benefit of attending is that you will be able to close your Inbox at the end of your day, leave work on time and enjoy your personal life.

Areas Covered

What does “turbo” mean? A turbocharger increases an engine’s power by forcing more air into the engine than would be possible otherwise. This webinar helps you kill the chaos of email by giving you the skills to turbo speed through your emails in less time with greater results.

  • Keep email from entering your Inbox
  • Process email quickly
  • Save emails in the right places
  • Search for emails lost in your computer
  • Write emails that get read
  • Format emails in a well-organized business style
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation
  • Write with style
  • Increase your credibility
  • Work from a clean Inbox
  • With these skills, you’ll leave work on time having calmed the Inbox chaos.
Who Should Attend

Anyone who sends and receives an email, particularly those who have trouble processing all the emails requesting work or requiring answers.

  • Team leaders and team members
  • Office Managers and staff
  • Project managers and team members
  • Executive teams
  • Sales managers and staff
  • Customer service managers and staff
  • Directors and staff
  • Assistant directors and staff
  • Marketing managers and staff
  • Account managers and staff
  • Business development managers and staff
  • Finance directors and staff
  • HR directors and staff

Why Should You Attend

Are you a worker who is judged by your output? Of course. Everyone is. Productivity can be slowed if you are not savvy about processing the avalanche of email in your Inbox. Terrific productivity comes down to the minutes and seconds you use wisely, not waste and most people waste a good amount of time in email. This seminar stops the insane wasting of time in the Inbox once and for all. With this information you’ll turbo speed the process of recognizing vital information, prioritizing it, acting on it or distributing it to a proper waiting place.

This bootcamp teaches you how to:

  • Gain control over your Inbox
  • Preserve personal integrity by responding to email in a timely manner
  • Be empowered to keep up with emails marked Urgent or Take Action
  • Work from a clean Inbox on a regular basis
  • Write emails that get read
  • Make your Inbox interface with your Calendar and Tasks

Once you gain control of the Inbox and learn how to process email in a timely manner, the perception of you as a true professional in the organization will increase.

  • $300.00

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