Customer Service Excellence: Building Service Champions in Your Company

Customer Service Excellence: Building Service Champions in Your Company


  Executive & Leadership Coach

  Product ID : MAZI-0011

  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 60 Minutes

Marcia Zidle is a board certified executive coach, business management consultant and keynote speaker, who works with organizations to leverage their leadership and human capital assets that result in higher performance and profitability. She has 25 years of management, business consulting and international experience in a variety of industries including healthcare, financial services, oil and gas, manufacturing, insurance, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, government, and nonprofits. She brings an expertise in social and emotional intelligence; executive and team leadership; employee engagement and innovation; personal and organization change management.

All planes are the same in the air. It is the people, primarily the front line, who interact with the passengers, which make the real difference. The way we think about service has changed. Who is responsible for service, how we achieve it and what service means are all being redefined. Leaders now recognize that responsibility for service does not reside in just the customer service department. It resides in every department Every employee shares this responsibility.

Customer service must be thought of as a leadership issue because of what you, as a manager, pay attention to on a daily basis. Most of the messages employees receive comes from their immediate manager as to what is important and what is not. Managers must constantly communicate that the customer’s experience is the team’s number one priority.

Do you have people who take pride in their work? Will they go the extra mile to make a sale, provide a service or take care of a problem, whether it’s their job or not? How well do they work together to create better ways to serve the customer?

In this fast-paced, practical webinar you will learn 5 management practices and 15 guidelines that Build Service Champions that will lead to Customer Service Excellence.

The litmus test of customer service excellence is fairly simple: Is the entire company, including the front line, the support staff, the sales folks, all the managers focused on delivering a superior customer experience? Nothing else counts. Therefore, outstanding service is truly everyone’s business, not just the responsibility of customer service. Everyone, in every single department and at all levels, plays an important role in your customer’s experiences with your organization. Each and every person - no matter if they are on the production line, out in the field or in headquarters - must be committed to being in the “service” business.

This is why a one-time motivational campaign seldom succeeds. It takes enthusiastic employees (as opposed to indifferent or negative ones) to deliver outstanding service and customer value every single day. It takes people who are service champion. They know how to:

  • Perform with pride, professionalism and team spirit in everything they do
  • Move from “it’s not my job” to “whatever it takes” to satisfy the customer
  • Delight the customer through the “3R’s” - reliable, responsive, and remarkable service

Are your employees in sync with your company’s passion for service? Here’s how to ensure that they are. This webinar is for your front line and support staff supervisors and managers to build empowered, excited, energized Service Champions.

Learning Objectives

These seven topics will be covered in this webinar.

  • Identify the key factors of customer service excellence
  • Make customer focus a way of life and get everyone’s “buy-in”
  • Increase customer value– how to add extra hot fudge sauce
  • Reinforce the “3R’s” - reliable, responsive, and remarkable service
  • Understand the 3P’s of the customer experience that can delight or drive them crazy
  • Recognize the power of teamwork within and between teams for customer service excellence
  • Emphasize the need for and value of “internal customer service” everywhere in the company

Who Should Attend

CEO’s, COO’s, VP of Human Resources, Chief Learning Officer, Directors, Project Managers, Operation Managers and Supervisors, Team Leaders, Staff Managers, and Supervisors.

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