Effective Communication for Engineers and Scientists

  Product ID : JACL-0001

  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 60 Minutes

Jamie Cleaver is a Chemical Engineer on a mission to help scientists and engineers get better at communication and the associated skills of teamwork, leadership, mentoring, and creative problem solving. A blend of academic and industrial experience enables him to relate to a wide range of technical specialists, and their technical, commercial, and inter-personal challenges. He currently works as a freelance trainer and facilitator for companies, institutions and universities.

This 60-minute webinar is intended for anyone who, like the trainer, has a technical background. We will look at the benefits of effective communication, the underlying principles, and how they might be successfully applied in a range of typical situations. The overall aim is to help scientists and engineers identify the aspects of communication that they currently do well and aspects that they can usefully develop to be more effective communicators.

According to Steven Covey, “communication is the most important skill in life.” If we are honest with ourselves, technical specialists tend to find communication particularly challenging.  Scientists and engineers rely on communication to collaborate and to convey technical concepts to non-specialists. We should therefore aim to get good at it. Communication is a big subject with many facets. It pays to approach it systematically, by identifying the underlying principles, and then applying those principles to various situations, whether it is an interview, a presentation, a meeting, or writing a report or an email. The overall aim of effective communication is always to get the best possible outcome from any exchange of information.

Learning Objectives

After attending this webinar, delegates will

  • Appreciate the potential benefits of effective communication in a wide range of professional situations
  • Be familiar with the universal principle of empathy; it’s importance, and how to develop it
  • Be aware of approaches to get the best out of challenging face-to-face interactions
  • Know the principles of effectively connecting with an audience through writing and speaking
  • Be aware of their own strengths and areas for development ineffective communication

Who Should Attend

This webinar is suitable for all technical professionals and students with a science, engineering, or mathematics background who are interested in getting the best possible outcome from any exchange of information.

  • $200.00

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