Excel Savvy: Tips and Techniques for Enhancing Charts

Excel Savvy: Tips and Techniques for Enhancing Charts


  President & Owner

Accounting Advisors, Inc

  Product ID : DARI-0010

  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 90 Minutes

Nationally recognized Microsoft Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA, is the president and owner of Accounting Advisors, Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia. David founded Accounting Advisors in 1991 as a consulting-services business, later he began teaching continuing education classes as well. His mission since is to offer quality training and consulting services on Microsoft Excel via live webcasts, on-demand self-study webcasts, and in-house engagements. David has taught hundreds of webinars on Excel and other topics, in addition to speaking at conferences and in-house engagements.

When you participate in this enlightening session, you’ll learn from Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, a variety of tips and techniques to help you create and automate your Excel charts. David discusses several helpful features, including the Recommended Charts feature, the Slicer feature, the Sparkline feature, the PivotChart feature, and more. In addition, he explains how to avoid repetitive formatting, create self-updating chart titles, and liven up your charts with clip art.

David demonstrates every technique at least twice: first, on a PowerPoint slide with numbered steps, and second, in Excel 2016. He draws to your attention any differences in Excel 2013, 2010, or 2007 during the presentation as well as in his detailed handouts. David also provides an Excel workbook that includes most of the examples he uses during the webcast.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify how to create self-expanding charts by way of Excel's Table feature
  • Define how to save time by copying chart formatting between charts and using chart templates
  • Recall new charting capabilities in Excel 2013 and later

Who Should Attend

Practitioners who would like to gain the knowledge necessary to use Excel charts more effectively and efficiently.

Areas Covered

  • Using the SUMIF function to summarize data based on a single criterion
  • Comparing user interface changes in Excel 2013 and 2016 that have vastly simplified chart-related tasks
  • Summarizing complex data sets quickly with Excel’s PivotChart feature
  • Enlivening your charts with clip art in any version of Excel
  • Resizing charts manually after adding additional data to a worksheet
  • Saving time by copying formatting from one chart to another
  • Creating rolling period charts that update automatically
  • Using the Table feature in Excel 2007 and later to create charts that expand or contract automatically as your source data changes
  • Creating a full-page printout of a chart that resides on a worksheet
  • Building charts with two axes, both in Excel 2013 and later and Excel 2010 and earlier
  • Learning to avoid repetitive formatting by using chart templates and determining where this feature was relocated in Excel 2013 and later
  • Creating self-updating chart titles that are linked to formulas within a worksheet cell
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