Fall Protection in General Industry

  Product ID : SHEL-0001

  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 60 Minutes

Sheldon Primus is a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist with a Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in Environmental Policy. He is a trainer for the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist program of the Alliance Safety Council-Baton Rouge, LA. Sheldon is an authorized OSHA General Industry and Construction trainer for the 10 and 30-hour Outreach program.

Sheldon is the owner/CEO of Utility Compliance Inc. and its subsidiary, OSHA Compliance Help, a safety consulting, operator training, and a regulatory agency compliance assistance company based in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Mr Primus has represented clients in informal conferences with OSHA, conducted numerous compliance training, and developed manufacturing sector written programs.

Fall protection in General Industry (GI) has long been a source of confusion within the OSHA regulations. Unlike their Construction and Maritime counterparts, the GI employer does not have a dedicated fall protection subpart or comprehensive rules. Though it is widely understood that fall protection starts at 4 feet for GI, there are still some ambiguous situations where there are no recognized worker protection standards.

This webinar with expert speaker Sheldon Primus, MPA, COSS will focus on the hazard of fall protection and the various ways to protect the workers. Additionally, you will learn the regulations that can affect them currently and in the future as they relate to falling protection in GI.

Attending this webinar will give you a clear understanding of your responsibility for fall protection, understanding of OSHA's regulatory actions, and guidance for a comprehensive fall protection program. You will be given the tools to have a well-rounded and compliant fall hazard protection program and build added value to the organization by having a safer work environment, increased worker buy-in, program compliance, practical insight to fall protection regulations and a manageable hazard control plan.

Learning Objectives

  • Identifying fall hazards
  • Understanding the current Subpart D and I rules
  • Examining the General Duty Clause as it relates to some GI fall hazard activities
  • Understanding OSHA's stance on worker responsibility for fall protection
  • Exploring the fall protection regulation in GI
  • Creating a workplace free from fall protection hazards through hazard control

Areas Covered 

  • 29 CFR 1910 Subpart D requirements for fall protection
  • 29 CFR 10910 Subpart F requirements for powered platforms, man lifts, and vehicle-mounted work platforms
  • Compliance keys to GI for ladder safety
  • Fall protection requirements for special cases including walking and working surfaces not covered in Subpart D
  • Fall protection equipment overview
  • 29 CFR 1910 Subpart I requirements for PPE
  • OSHA Unified Agenda upcoming changes to Subpart D and I

Who Should Attend

  • Human Resources
  • CEOs
  • Plant Managers
  • Occupational Safety Professionals
  • Insurance Agents
  • Risk Managers
  • Front-line Supervisors
  • Vice Presidents of Operation
  • Compliance and Safety Officers
  • $200.00

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