Going From Excel Pivot Tables To KPI Dashboards

  Product ID : WEIL-0001

  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 125 Minutes

Joe Weil, CPA, M. Acc. has over 25 years of experience working as a controller, CFO, and director of internal audit. Joe has also started and sold his own CPA firm with a focus on audit and analytics. Joe’s Master of Accounting Degree is from Florida State University and Joe is an actively licensed CPA in the state of Florida.

Joe is the president of The National Center for Continuing Education (NCCE) a firm that focuses on Excel and financial training and data analytics/KPI dashboard consulting. Joe has presented over 500 seminars and dozens of webinars focused on Excel best practices for financial professionals. Joe is a college adjunct accounting instructor teaching audit, Excel and MIS.

Joe’s training clients have included Harley-Davidson, Hewlett-Packard, Burger King, Motorola, various state agencies and several of nation’s largest law firms.

IBM states that the data professional jobs projected to grow fastest are Business Intelligence (BI) Data Analytics and Data Visualization/Dashboards. The Demand for Data Analytics and BI Dashboard work alone is projected to grow by 44% over the next two years! 1. Source: IBM: The Quant Crunch, how the demand for data science skills is disrupting the job market.

If you have a career that involves creating reports in Excel, then you need to know how to build impressive, interactive, visually stunning, Excel dashboards. This practical, 100-minute seminar will leave you with Excel techniques you can immediately put to use making killer dashboards. This is the skilled job recruiters want.  This is the service large and small CPA firm clients seek.

Microsoft Excel dashboards are powerful tools that summarize spreadsheet data to render a concise overview of critical business metrics. Dashboards provide an excellent and succinct way to share a user-interactive "snapshot" view of key performance indicators (KPIs) for both small businesses and enterprise-level organizations. This webinar will update your Excel skills by showing you how to create impressive Dashboards even if you don’t have artistic talent. The hallmark of a user-interactive, data-driven dashboard is the ability to see and understand data at the speed of thought.

This on-the-job, nuts-and-bolts training seminar will illustrate the skills you need to design well-planned Excel dashboards that present answers to questions in real-time, render visually striking displays, turn insight into action, help accomplish your firm’s objectives and improve your Excel skills.

  • Overview of Excel Dashboard Construction and Methodologies
    - Going from Database to Dashboard Information/Communication and Options
    - Situational Analysis:  What Microsoft Dashboard Tools To Use and When To Use Them
    - KPIs and Data Analytics
    - Systemized Dashboard Planning Process
    - Types/Uses of Dashboards – Is Your CPA Firm Missing a Service Opportunity for Existing Clients?
  • Data Range vs Table or Pivot Table for Dashboard Dynamic Updates
  • Rapid Pivot Table Review – A Mix of Basics with a Few Advanced Topics
    - Rapid Set Up – One-Minute Pivot Table Quick Start  
    - Understanding the Pivot Field and Filtering Options
    - Analyze and Design Tab
    - Pivot Charts and Slicers
    - Updating Data  - Using Refresh
    - Speed Tips – When/How To Copy and Paste Pivot Tables and Charts  
    - Pivot Table Example
  • Dashboard Live Example: Pivot Table to Dashboard
    - Determine the Spec Sheet, Layout, and then Copy and Paste Charts
    - Symmetry: Size and Align Charts Simultaneously with Format Tools
    - Slicers and the Critical Importance of Report Connections
    - Logos, Headings and Drawing Tools for Professional Touches
    - Hyperlinks for Navigation Between Dashboard and Database
    - Eliminating Gridlines, Headings, Formula Bar and Ribbon for Professional Appearance
    - The Critical Importance of Testing
    - KPI Analysis and Management Recommendations

Areas Covered

  • An easy way to take raw data and make it presentable with Excel dashboards
  • Best Practices Dashboard Design - turning data easy to interpret information
  • How to use Excel Pivot Tables to build interactive, user-defined dashboards
  • How to construct a navigational menu using Excel
  • What charts to use and how to arrange multiple graphs on a dashboard
  • Determining which KPIs to use in your dashboard
  • Using the Pivot Table drill-down capabilities in your dashboard
  • Building an optimum dashboard for at-a-glance analysis and decision making
  • Simple Excel techniques to make powerful dashboards - separate your skill level from others

Course Level - Intermediate

Who Should Attend   

  • Staff accountants
  • Managers
  • CPAs, CFOs
  • Controllers
  • Auditors
  • Financial Analysts
  • Budget Directors and staff
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • VPs of Finance
  • IT Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Business Owners and Directors of Training
  • Also, engineers involved in SCM systems and Sales People who deal with CRM systems

Why Should You Attend

For accountants and data analysts – KPI Dashboards is one of the top job skills that job recruiter seek.

For CPA and consulting firms:  KPI Dashboards is the service clients seek.

The world is globally moving to interactive KPI dashboard reporting.  Using Excel is one of the easiest ways to learn how to construct interactive KPI dashboards.  Don’t be left behind.

  • $200.00

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