How to Become an Influential & Empowered Leader – With or Without a Title

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  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 90 Minutes

Author, podcaster, HuffPost contributor and frequent media guest, Maura Sweeney exports personal learning experiences and paradigm-shifting ideas as a popular media personality and international speaker on influence, leadership and emotional intelligence. 

Maura learned the art of leadership through the first-hand experience. After serving as a recruiter and Operations Manager at an executive search firm, she spent a decade in leadership at two national telecommunication corporations. At age 27, Maura received the Chairman’s Award for Branch Manager of the Year at the third largest telecom company in the U.S. – bringing a Sales Manager, Key Accounts Manager and four Sales Associates to the national stage. Her leadership abilities were further honed through launching new markets; developing talent; mentoring leaders and creating positive and sustainable winning cultures. Maura Sweeney received a B.A. in Political Science from Boston College and continued post-graduate studies at Seton Hall School of Law. She has lectured on leadership at dozens of universities and conferences in the U.S. and Abroad.  

With shifting corporate cultures requiring change management expertise, this webinar focuses on the mindsets, practices and emotional intelligence of the leader or aspiring leader. Discover not only how to facilitate and empower positive change, but how to start by becoming the “changed one” yourself.

Stringent notions of management and top-down pyramid corporate structures are constantly being challenged. Doing business in 21st-century digital market shifts daily, compounded by a workforce progressively younger and more “Millennial” in its mindset. While companies are doing a good job of developing new missions and creating value statements that reflect a more inclusive and empowering leadership approach, they are falling short on making the leap from proclamation to practice. This workshop does more than focus on a new way of thinking about leadership and the building of a strong and responsive team; it provides helpful tips, real-life examples and challenging, reflective questions for the seasoned as well as an aspiring leader to turn ideas to reality and form into substance.

Learning Objectives

  • An expert definition of leadership, seen through the lens of influence rather than a title  
  • How influence and leadership start inside your mind
  • Traditional and Alternative leadership paradigms: the pros and cons of each and why the alternative secures more sustainable results
  • How to use the Power of Advocacy as a means of increasing leadership success – in relationships below, across & above
  • The Happiness Advantage – how it increases creativity, loyalty, positive culture and heightened performance
  • Three personal qualities every sustainable leader needs 
  • How to build trust & loyalty even though you've personal mistakes
  • What you can do right now
  • Four Keys to Long-Term Leadership

Who Should Attend

Due to its approach, this webinar is elastic and applicable to a full spectrum of attendees. Anyone seeking insights and skills to improve their personal influence, gain greater success in interpersonal relations and enhance their sustainability as a leader should attend.

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