How to Conduct a Mock OSHA Audit

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  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 90 Minutes

People often complain about boring safety trainers who drone you to sleep with their boring style. Launched in 2007, Mr. St. Laurent has grown his safety company, Steven St, Inc., by providing dynamic training that doesn’t bore you to death compelling his audience to put safety into practice in their professional and personal lives. Steve is known as the “Spanish OSHA Guy” and conducts all his training in Spanish as well as English thanks to having lived and worked 2 years in Mexico!  

You can transform your safety culture with help from Steve’s unique 4-pronged approach: (1) Identifying where your company is on the Time/Money Continuum of basic safety awareness, compliance and implementation of best practices; (2) Sharing trends in your industry for a strong safety culture; (3) Exploring with your company leaders where you desire to be in 6 - 24 months; and (4) Unifying your company resources with Steven St, Inc. and other outside consultants to map out a strategy to win not just with Safety & Health, but also with Quality and Production!  

Steve’s training and consulting experience is born from his work directly with construction and manufacturing outfits in over 30 states and also in Mexico. Mr. St. Laurent always brings his “high energy” style to the customized training he provides including OSHA 10 and 30-hr, First Aid/CPR/AED, bloodborne pathogens, lockout-tagout, confined space, and other compliance topics, along with his specialty of supervisor training on topics such as “effective communications” and “How to Deliver Training & Toolbox Safety Talks that Don’t Bore you to Death!”

Mr. St. Laurent maintains a free safety blog focusing on how to be a better trainer as well as providing content for toolbox safety talks. He also provides his free, Toolbox Talk of-the-Month complete with a quiz and the sign-in sheet with a summary of the talk, all in English and Spanish! Steve is grateful to live in North Central Massachusetts with his beautiful bride of over a decade and their three children.

Are you overwhelmed or scared and at the thought of OSHA conducting a walk-through of your facility?  

Many owners, plant managers, supervisors and even safety professionals are overwhelmed and often don’t take the time necessary to conduct a thorough Mock OSHA Audit. Don't wait until someone gets hurt or OSHA fines you to get serious about evaluating the hazards in your work practices and in your workplace! Learn the efficient and time-tested way to conduct an Audit of your facility and then what to do with it!

Learning Objectives

This webinar will give you clear direction from great experience so you not only don’t feel overwhelmed, but you also have confidence regarding:  
(A) What OSHA requires for workplace analysis
(B) The How To’s of conducting an Audit and why they are so efficient and beneficial to you
(C) What to do with your findings

A.)  What OSHA Requires
      1. The General Duty Clause
      2. The OSHA Standards

B.)  How to Conduct an Audit (8 things that you cannot forget to do and why!)  
     1. Start in the Maintenance Department
     2. Conduct the audit systematically
     3. Spend all the time necessary to take detailed notes that correspond to every picture
     4. Always talk with employees as often as possible
     5. Ensure as much work is being done as possible
           a.  Avoid days when sections of the plant are shut down
     6. Focus on observing the work being done
           a. Concentrate on the unsafe behaviors 1st, and then on the unsafe conditions
    7. Get the entire leadership team on board in-advance and hold a pre and post meeting with all in attendance
    8. Provide a cover letter with the written report
          a. How to properly, practically and most-efficiently write the report with some do’s and don’ts

C.)  What to do with the Findings
     1. How and What to Prioritize for your next steps.

Who Should Attend

Owners, Plant Managers, Supervisors, Safety and H.R. Professionals
This is a thorough treatment of how to conduct a Mock OSHA Audit

Topic Background

Do the OSHA standards overwhelm you? Do you know where to start to evaluate the hazards at your facility?

OSHA’s General Duty Clause, as well as the OSHA standards, mandate that manufacturers and all employers in general industry take 4 actions to ensure a safe workplace

  • Identify the hazards in their workplace
  • Implement ways to avoid or protect against those hazards
  • Train their employees on items #1 and #2, and finally
  • Supervise to ensure adherence to that training

Sadly, many companies fall short not only in the supervision but in the first three items as well. Furthermore, OSHA mandates that regular workplace inspections be conducted and documented. Just about every company could do better and knows they should, but often get overwhelmed.

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