How to Connect to the New Generation Z

How to Connect to the New Generation Z



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Drew Carrick, The Rapping CPA, is a New York-based influencer and Thought Leader in the social media business world. He develops entertaining and engaging content, and also consults with businesses to improve their operations and apply change management principles. He worked as a consultant for Grant Thornton the world’s 6th largest public accounting and professional services firm, before becoming the AVP for Finance at LIU where he created and developed numerous process improvement projects and initiatives, overseeing the budget department. He now is a content producer and consultant for C3 Evolution Group and owner of The Rapping CPA.

Generation Z requires a modern work culture, focused on technology and good leadership. Millennials have been pushing for this type of culture to improve the workforce, however, Generation Z expects it. It is critical for work cultures to enter the 21st century, especially in a time of rapid innovation, where companies that are not built on a culture of agility and technology will quickly fall far behind. Leaders need to invest now in keeping up to date with technological advancements and continuously move toward building a workforce that is armed and ready to take on the future.

Time and time again, industry leaders throw up their hands, unsure of how things went wrong. Many times, it’s not doing something wrong that caused things to go bad, but lack of action! The future comes at us quickly and having a company culture that enables quick adaptation, agility, and innovation is necessary in order to succeed in constant change that is brought on by an ever-evolving society. Developing a modern work culture is the first step to creating a company that can handle the changes that come with the future.

Modern work culture is a required expectation of Gen Z, so the attributes that make up such a work environment, along with the strategies and necessary tactics are important to engage Gen Z, be a good leader, become a respected manager, and lead the company to success.

The goal is to:

  • Have a better understanding of how the generations are different and the impact it has on the workplace
  • Know what steps can be taken to ensure the longevity and adequate sustainability of your company via human capital
  • Acknowledge the future and be excited about adapting and becoming an innovation and agility focused company
  • Earn respect as a leader for knowing how to meet the needs of the most impactful generation of employees
  • Learn how to be agile, and accept and embrace change such as be willing to invest resources into building the infrastructure necessary for remote work
  • Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce, but we are now seeing the start of Generation Z into the workforce. They have their own habits and characters and are defined by a period of time in which technology was already prevalent. This new generation is similar to millennials, however, also has unique preferences and traits that are important to identify and recognize in order for businesses to continue to adapt and be successful.

Areas Covered

  • Who are the different generations in the workforce? Defined
  • What makes Gen Z unique?
  • Gen Z requires a millennial oriented company. How do millennial culture-oriented companies look different from traditional companies? How can you look more like this?
  • Now that they’re in the door, how do you keep them and utilize them?
  • What are the downfalls if you don’t take these steps now?

Course Level - Basic

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Chief HR Officer
  • Executives
  • Upper Management
  • Vice President
  • Manager

Why Should You Attend

In order to succeed as a company, leaders must bring in top tier talent and also keep them from leaving. Since millennials make up a majority of the workforce, it has been critical to forming the company culture around what is necessary to get the maximum productivity out of this demographic, but now with the new Generation Z entering the workforce, putting into the application, these strategies are more important than ever. Using known survey facts, leaders can make their company an ideal environment for this generation of workers.

Every good leader knows that their people are their most valuable asset to the company, but not all know how to properly address this fact. Millennials are a great Segway into understanding Generation Z because they offer a sneak preview of the expectations that Generation Z has in the workplace. The things that millennials have fought to implement are the things that Gen Z views as standard. Leaders can also communicate with Gen Z but utilizing millennials that they have at their firm to “translate” between generations. It is necessary for a company to succeed to know how to get the most out of its young employees.

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