IM4 ** Performance-Leadership ™: Architecture & Artistry for Being Compelling & Captivating

  Product ID : MGOR-0001

  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 60 Minutes

Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, "The Stress Doc" ™, a nationally acclaimed speaker, webinar presenter, writer, and "Motivational Psychohumorist" ™, is a founding partner and Stress Resilience and Trauma Debriefing Consultant for the Nepali Diaspora Behavioral Health & Wellness Initiative. Current Leadership Coach/Training Consultant for the international Embry-Riddle Aeronautics University at the Daytona, FL headquarters. A former Stress and Violence Prevention Consultant for the US Postal Service, he has led numerous Pre-Deployment Stress Resilience-Humor-Team Building Retreats for the US Army. Presently, Mark does Cross-Cultural Facilitation and Presentations for organizational/corporate clients of HR Consulting Firm PRM. The Doc is the author of Practice Safe Stress, The Four Faces of Anger, and Preserving Human Touch in a High-Tech World. Mark’s award-winning, USA Today Online "HotSite" – – was called a "workplace resource" by National Public Radio (NPR).

Imaginative Mind x Informative Message x Inspiring Messenger x Interactive Medium

Perhaps you can deliver a clear message… But do you know how to compel and captivate a team, a boardroom, or an audience? In fact, do you know the difference between compelling and captivating, and why it’s vital for Hi-Task & Human Touch” Leadership? Next, are you ready to discover and develop your “Passion Power” ™? Are you prepared to pull it all together and become an IM4 Performance-Leader? 

Not a small challenge… But, have no fear, the Stress Doc is here with his clear and concise, compelling and captivating Performance Leadership skills and strategies, tools and techniques. Let the Doc awaken, arouse, and amaze you with his “Get FIT” – FUN-Interactive-Thought-provoking – programs and presentations. For both individuals and groups, learn to creatively anticipate, envision, and design your leadership mindset and motivational method. Turn concepts and skills into dynamic, “how to” learning and leadership lab exercises. Bring your courageous and vulnerable, genuine and compassionate, and TnT (Tough n’ Tender) self. Discover a “Helmet’s Off” approach for building group openness, trust, and collaboration. Finally, evolve as an inspiring orchestra leader helping individuals and the collective bring out their best – most productive-collaborative-innovative – music!

Areas Covered

  • Grasp the Overall Working Model of IM4** Performance-Leadership
  • How to Rapidly Capture and Focus Attention, Sustain Dynamic Engagement, and Deliver a Compelling Close
  • Discover the Seven “A”s for ACE Communication-Collaboration and Performance-Leadership
  • Gain Tools and Techniques for Capturing Imagination and Inspiring Audiences:  from the Courageous to the Out-Rage-ous with “Passion Power”
  • Realize Five “How To” Benefits of Head, Heart & Humor Stimulating Interactive Team-Building Exercises and Structures – go from Intimacy to Synergy

Who Should Attend

All level of supervisors, management, CEOS.

Why Should You Attend

This webinar is for all individuals desiring to be high-impact communicators, educators, and leaders; who want to deliver leadership substance and style that connects with and compels, motivates, and even inspires a diverse workplace. You will learn the step-by-step process for preparing presentations, for engaging both the head and the heart, for helping others integrate high-task and human touch. Discover the difference between compelling and captivating; understand when it’s better to be compelling and when to be captivating. This presentation also for those desiring tools and techniques, including small-group exercises, for being high impact-communicators whether at a team or all-hands meeting, in a boardroom or at a conference.

  • $200.00

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