Delivering Results-Oriented Solutions that Empowers Organizational Change

Delivering Results-Oriented Solutions that Empowers Organizational Change


  Author, Speaker

HR Strategist

  When : Thursday, September 23, 2021

  Time : 01 : 00 PM EST

  Duration : 60 Minutes

  Product ID : LOOM-0005

  Level : Intermediate

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Daniel T. Bloom is a well-respected author, speaker, and HR strategist, who during his career has worked as a contingency executive recruiter, a member of the internal HR staff of a Fortune 1000 corporation, an HR Consultant, and a Corporate Relocation Director for several real estate firms. He is an active participant within the HR social Media scene maintaining Blogs since 2006 and has written over 40 articles, which have appeared online and in print; as well as published six books (Just Get Me There - A Journey through Corporate Relocation - 2005; Achieving HR through Six Sigma - 2013, Field Guide to Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma – 2016, The Exceptional Educational System: Using Six Sigma to Transform Schools – 2017, Reality, Perception and Your Workplace Culture – 2019, and Employee Empowerment - The Prime Component of Sustainable Chang Management – 2020). He also serves on the St Petersburg College Six Sigma Black Belt Review Board.

Dan earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Parsons College and his Six Sigma Black Belt training from the Engineering and Technology Program at St. Petersburg College. He holds certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources, and as a Six Sigma Black Belt.

This webinar will look at the definition of a process along with the role that processes play n our organizational operations. Along with the discussion of what a process is, you will also be presented with the various tools that you can utilize to make changes to your processes to implement process improvement.

Areas Covered

  • Defining a Process
  • Role of Processes in Your Organization
  • Process Improvement Toolbox
  • Process Improvement Implementation

Course Level - Intermediate

Why Should You Attend

Life is a process. Everything we do is based on a process of some kind. These processes are based on defined steps to reach the end result. This webinar will provide you with a clear picture of what a process is along with easily implemented tools that will assist you in improving those processes in your life, both organizational-wise and in your personal lives. Come find out how to change your life by improving your processes.

  • $149.00

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