Mexico Import Process Basics

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  Level : Beginner

  Duration : 60 Minutes

Linda B Sarabia is a Mexican customs and foreign trade consultant since 1991. She was the senior editor of a version of the Mexican import/ export HTS, that was 20 years in the market. She is an instructor in HTS classification and Mexico customs procedures for the Tijuana and Tecate Licensed Customs Brokers Association and the Mexican Customs Department in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

Ms. Sarabia is currently Customs Tariff Consultant for WiseTech Global, in charge of the United States and Mexico Libraries on Borderwise.

Non-tariff measures (barriers) are generally defined as policy measures other than ordinary customs tariffs that can potentially have an economic effect on international trade in goods, changing quantities traded, or prices or both (UNCTAD).

Areas Covered    

  • Non-Tariff Barriers definition and objective
  • Difference between a Direct and an Indirect  NTB
  • Direct NTB’s established by the Mexican Government
  • Indirect NTB’s established by the Mexican Government
  • NTB’s impact on the Import/Export process
  • Penalties for failure to comply with NTB’s under the Mexican Customs Law

Course Level - Basic

Who Should Attend

  • Exporters
  • Freight forwarders
  • Customer brokers
  • Transportation risk management officer
  • Importers
  • Small and medium-sized manufacturers, who are seeking to export their products
  • Global trade professionals
  • Trade compliance personnel

Why Should You Attend

Non-tariff barriers (NTBs) refer to restrictions that result from prohibitions, conditions, or specific market requirements that make importation or exportation of products difficult and/or costly. In this course, attendees will learn the kinds of barriers established by the Mexican government and how to comply with them. The course will also discuss NTB’s impact on the import/export process.

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