Office 365 Demystified: Groups, Teams & SharePoint

  Product ID : MBEL-0001

  Level : Advance

  Duration : 90 Minutes

Melissa Esquibel began her career in audit and data security at a time when systems and hardware were kept in tightly secured boxes, and IT gatekeepers doled out functionality within a rigid systems architecture. Now, in the present, where end-users know how to access the power of technology independently and according to the agile timelines they require, this push and pull has created quite a mess in many organizations. With her unique experience as the conduit between the gatekeepers and the gate Stormers, she offers a unique perspective as “bridge-builder” in training programs designed to make sense of new productivity platforms, like Office 365 and G Suite and ensure effective implementations.

Often the user community has moved from a well-understood structure of network shared drives and email attachments to, what must seem like, the wild west. In this program, we will pull back the covers on the structures used to organize people and share information in an Office 365 world. You’ll get a look at Teams App, Outlook, SharePoint, and how these work together to create a collaboration platform for your organization. Several case studies will be used to explore calendars, shared document libraries, messaging, notifications, and more. You will walk away with a better understanding of how these tools were intended to be used, how they may have gone wrong and how to get them back on track.

Areas Covered

  • How to create an Office 365 Group
  • How to create an Office 365 Team
  • The difference between Groups and Teams
  • Where and how communication “happens”
  • Going beyond the “container” with your document libraries SharePoint
  • Connecting apps through Teams
  • Enabling non-Microsoft content for your groups and teams
  • Creating shared calendars that actually work

Course Level : Any

Who Should Attend

Information Technology Managers, Operations Managers, Administrative Professionals, Managers, Supervisors, Department Heads, Help Desk, Compliance Managers, Technical Writers, Document Management Professionals

Why Should You Attend

Office 365 is a robust suite of tools offered as SaaS, which when you get it right can really boost the productivity and quality of collaboration. However, getting it right can be elusive. The terms are confusing. The specific methodology to employ to enable all the collaboration capabilities. Rollouts fail and people get frustrated. Ultimately, many rollouts go downhill and pick up speed, as time goes on. Beyond just enabling collaboration right, access permissions go astray and before you know it, you have a data distribution nightmare. Or, there’s the other end of the spectrum, where so little of the suite is deployed, it leaves senior management wondering why they approved and funded the project. Whether your rollout has already happened, is in process or you’re just planning for future, attend this program and get your Office 365 rollout on track by understanding the “people” structure, getting clarity on how information can be shared (and controlled), and how the architecture is intended to work.

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