Pitch Perfect: The Art of the Elevator Pitch

  Product ID : ROBA-0002

  Level : Advance

  Duration : 90 Minutes

Rosemarie Barnes is an international keynote speaker, an executive presentation trainer, and a 3-time international best-selling author. Through her company, Confident Stages, Rosemarie provides the knowledge and support entrepreneurs and business leaders must have to create and deliver masterful and persuasive presentations, to understand and deliver the demands of multi-generational workforces, and to understand and practice the power of deliberate personal, professional, and corporate reinvention and transformation.

Your elevator pitch is an invitation to get to know you, what you do and to discover any possible connections. Sadly, most people, whether a novice employee, a beginning entrepreneur, or a seasoned corporate executive, do not know how to present themselves well and are losing prospective clients and relationships as a result. Don’t be “most people;” understand how to make the most of those first important opportunities.

Learning Objectives

  • Elevator Pitch Content
  • Quantity of Information
  • Order of information
  • Soft-sell of benefits you bring
  • Vocal Presentation
  • Physical Presentation
  • Alignment of Message

Course Level - All

Who Should Attend    

Every person with a business card: Employee, Entrepreneur, Corporate Executive

Why Should You Attend

Starting your elevator pitch with your name, title, and a company is equivalent to providing your name, rank, and serial number. Neither is memorable, impressive, or powerful.

You have 90 seconds to convince others it is worth their time bothering to get to know you, like you, and trust you. It is only after those qualities are assured that they will even think about doing business with you. Make your 90 seconds count by learning better alternatives to the usual blasé fare of the elevator pitch.

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