The 10 Most Powerful Value-Rich Words in Selling

The 10 Most Powerful Value-Rich Words in Selling



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  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 60 Minutes

André Taylor advises top brands around the world, on being the best, and has done so, for more than two decades. As a founder of Taylor Insight Worldwide, André shares thought-provoking, high-impact ideas on a business distinction, preferred client development, and growth, and has garnered a stellar reputation among premier, luxury, and bespoke brands. His Luxury Lifestyle Advisor certification program, attracts entrepreneurs, executives, and sales and marketing professionals in the luxury sector, around the globe.

André has authored a half-dozen books, a long list of audiobooks, videos, e-learning programs, articles, and blog posts. He’s a media personality, often appearing as a guest expert on television, radio, and podcasts. André began his management career on Wall Street, in financial services, and moved into media and information technology before founding his own companies. A pioneer in digital media, he founded the first company to stream video, and deliver custom and personalized digital content to premium clients, in high-tech sports arenas.

If you are serious about selling a product or service you must also get serious about learning the right words to you use in the process. Your sales conversations should not be haphazard but planned, focused, and deliberate. Those who get the best sales results know this. Your capacity to choose the right words in sales situations has the potential to open your prospect’s mind or close it. That’s why, successful sales organizations invest substantially in crafting the right words for their sales presentations and follow-up, and training their sales teams on this dialogue. What are the words used by the most effective sales people? Find out during this session.

When selling, it matters what you say. The words you use can either attract or repel your prospect or client, advancing the sale, or stopping it in its tracks.

Areas Covered

  • What word should be used, before, during, and after the sale
  • What words and phrases to avoid in your sales interaction
  • How to practice your sales presentations, conversations, and delivery

Course Level - Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Professionals
  • CEOs
  • CMOs
  • Entrepreneurs

Why Should You Attend

It’s a fact that most people in the sales profession don’t know what to say to initiate, advance, and close the sale. They tend to improvise, without giving careful consideration to what words are most effective. However, presenting information in a logical and compelling sequence, and professionally presenting to your prospect yields the best results. While there has been much debate about scripting sales conversations there’s no debate the right words matter. How do you begin the sales conversation? How do you probe, asking questions that will provide insight into your client’s state of mind and willingness to proceed?  What are those words that have an immediate impact on sales situations?

During this session, André Taylor, author, and advisor to top brands around the world shares those words that his research reveals to be most effective for sales professionals and entrepreneurs who want to close more deals and increase revenue and profit.

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