The Cost & Delay Impacts of Rework on Construction Project

The Cost & Delay Impacts of Rework on Construction Project



James Zack Consulting, LLC

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  Level : Advance

  Duration : 90 Minutes


James Zack is the Senior Advisor, Ankura Construction Forum™ – the construction industry’s global resource for thought leadership and best practices on avoidance and resolution of construction project disputes globally. Jim was a founder and former Executive Director of the Navigant Construction Forum™. Previously, Executive Director, Corporate Claims Management, Fluor Corporation; Vice President, PinnacleOne and Executive Director, PinnacleOne Institute; and Senior Construction Claims Consultant, CH2M HILL, Inc. With 47 years’ experience, he is a recognized expert in mitigation, analysis and resolution or defense of construction claims. A Fellow of AACE International. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and the Guild of Project Controls, Mr. Zack is a Certified Forensic Claims Consultant, a Certified Construction Manager, and a Project Management Professional as well as an internationally known author and speaker on construction claims.

Rework in the construction industry is frequent and well known. It is a drain on productivity, profitability, and timeliness of project delivery for both contractors and owners. Additionally, the need for rework can have spinoff or downstream impacts for all project stakeholders. The causes of rework are, likewise, very well known: design and construction changes; errors and omissions; project enhancements; operability changes; fabrication changes and errors, etc. While rework is common, the impact has not been thoroughly assessed, studied or discussed. This webinar assesses and identifies the typical cost of rework on a wide range of project types. It shows how the cost of rework is frequently understated and provides an estimate of the true “average cost” of rework. The webinar also identifies the average impact of rework on project duration in terms of time as well as unrecoverable extended overheads and the cost of liquidated damages. Finally, the webinar identifies a number of practical methods that can be employed by owners and contractors to substantially reduce both the cost and time impact of rework.

Every project incurs some amount of rework. This webinar provides the result of research looking into the average cost and delay caused by rework.

Areas Covered

  • This webinar will identify the reported cost of rework on construction as identified by a large number of studies
  • The webinar will also reveal the true cost of rework
  • Additionally, the webinar also provides an estimate of the average amount of delay caused by rework on the typical construction project
  • The webinar also provides an estimate of the delay cost arising from rework
  • In this webinar, you will be shown a model which allows you to estimate the cost of rework on future projects
  • Finally, the webinar provides a number of practical recommendations intended to reduce the amount of rework on future projects

Course Level - All levels

Who Should Attend

  • Owners and their representatives
  • Construction Managers
  • Contractors
  • Design Professionals providing services during construction

Why Should You Attend

  • Learn the typical causes of rework
  • Gain an understanding of the cost and time impacts of rework on construction projects
  • Be provided with a model for predicting rework on new or future projects
  • Gain information on a number of practical ways to reduce the amount of rework on future projects
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