The EHS Business Plan, Its Creation, Implementation and Management

The EHS Business Plan, Its Creation, Implementation and Management


  President and CEO

EHS International LLC

  Product ID : VIMA-0005

  Level : Advance

  Duration : 60 Minutes

Dr. Marchesani has created, implemented, and managed many EHS business plans. He is aware of the benefit of having a plan in place and shall share this information with you in a very informative presentation.

Dr. Marchesani’s Ph.D. is in EHS management. In his career Dr. Marchesani has developed many innovative tools for the successful management of EHS. The changing of the EHS function from a reactive to a proactive function is just one of the EHS management tools he has developed. Dr. Marchesani has published several papers, has 5 copyrights, and recently published a book titled, “The Fundamentals of Crisis Management.” You will learn from and enjoy this webinar.

The webinar will focus on taking your EHS organization from reactive to proactive. While a plan is unnecessary for a reactive organization; it is critically necessary for a proactive organization. As a proactive group, you will have internal and external clients. Senior management, division, and plant management are internal clients. Company individual facilities are also your internal clients. Trade associations with whom you work are your external clients. This approach will create excitement within the EHS group and the company. More importantly, it will increase EHS productivity and effectiveness.

Most organizations that manage EHS matters function by setting policy, measuring performance, and addressing technical matters. This is true whether the level of EHS management is corporate, division, or plant level. This webinar presents a change to that approach. It permits, “Out of the box thinking” such that company the EHS function operates like a small business.

Areas Covered

The creation, implementation, and management of an EHS business plan will be addressed

  • The challenges facing corporate EHS
  • Operating the EHS function as an internal and external business
  • Business clients
  • Advertising the function
  • Demonstrating EHS value
  • The three major activities of an EHS company function
  • The development and implementation of company EHS policy, standards and guidelines
  • Other

Course Level - Intermediate to Advanced should attend since they will be creating the plan, but the basic group will see it of value since they will be implementing the plan

Who Should Attend

  • All Managers
  • Directors
  • VPs working in the EHS area

Why Should You Attend

All managers, directors, and VPs working for companies where they are responsible for EHS management whether it be at the corporate, division, or plant level will gain new insights as to how to manage the EHS function from this webinar. This plan will take the EHS function from a reactive to a proactive approach that is based on client support and delivering leadership and direction.

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