Using Ratios for Fraud Detection in Corporate Revenue Accounts

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  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 60 Minutes

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Some ratios focus primarily on the revenue accounts, while others focus on the related accounts. Remember, if there is a fraudulent credit to revenue, there must be a fraudulent debit somewhere else in the financial statements.

Accountants and internal auditors play an important role in preventing revenue manipulation by ensuring that proper revenue policies and procedures are being followed.

This webinar will provide you with an overview of some of the best practices in ratio analysis for fraud detection in corporate revenue accounts used today.

When evaluating the potential for fraud in the revenue cycle, ratio analysis is a highly effective technique to highlight revenue and asset account balances that are out of line with previous results, industry averages, or auditing/reviewing expectations.

Learning Objectives

  • External pressures that that might lead to committing financial reporting fraud
  • Internal red flags that might affect the revenue accounts
  • Ratios that help spot unusual financial results
  • Ratios that indicate which transactions should be analyzed in detail
  • Ratios for finding account balances that might be inflated
  • Ratios for verifying the relationship between revenue and other accounts

Who Should Attend

  • Board members
  • External auditors
  • Compliance professionals
  • Operational professionals
  • Finance professionals
  • Internal auditor
  • $200.00

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