Winning in Sales

Winning in Sales



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  Level : Intermediate

  Duration : 60 Minutes

André Taylor advises top brands around the world, on being the best, and has done so, for more than two decades. As a founder of Taylor Insight Worldwide, André shares thought-provoking, high-impact ideas on a business distinction, preferred client development, and growth, and has garnered a stellar reputation among premier, luxury, and bespoke brands. His Luxury Lifestyle Advisor certification program, attracts entrepreneurs, executives, and sales and marketing professionals in the luxury sector, around the globe.

André has authored a half-dozen books, a long list of audiobooks, videos, e-learning programs, articles, and blog posts. He’s a media personality, often appearing as a guest expert on television, radio, and podcasts. André began his management career on Wall Street, in financial services, and moved into media and information technology before founding his own companies. A pioneer in digital media, he founded the first company to stream video, and deliver custom and personalized digital content to premium clients, in high-tech sports arenas.

To win in sales you must understand the process of selling fully, and master key components of the process. Two of these components are the sales presentation and the sales cycle. The sales presentation is where you make the value, qualities, and benefits of your product or service known to the prospect. There are various ways to present to the prospect, some formal, and some informal, but certain information should come through in the process. The sales cycle is that path from start to finish you take with your prospect, from the time you first meet, to when the deal is closed. Understanding the cycle, the objectives of each stage in the cycle, and where you are in the sales process is essential to your success. During this session, you’ll learn more about these two components and how to master them so that you win in the game of selling.

The five key characteristics of a winning sales presentation. The seven elements of a winning sales cycle.

Areas Covered

  • The 7 steps in the sales cycle and how to execute and maximize each step
  • How to build your presentation to make it most effective in closing deals
  • How to use “mini-presentations” throughout the sales cycle

Course Level - Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Professionals
  • CEOs
  • CMOs
  • Entrepreneurs

Why Should You Attend

Experienced sales professionals and those new to the game agree: selling can be tough. And today, it’s as challenging as ever. In recent years, there’s been an explosion in new products and services. Prospects and customers are inundated with offers, pitches, and proposals, and changes in the economy have made buyers more sophisticated, cautious, and deliberate in their purchases. To win, sellers must be true professionals -- knowledgeable about their craft and their prospective customers, and skilled in applying strategies that consistently work. In this session, André Taylor combines lessons in sales fundamentals with new, breakthrough thinking to provide the essential ingredients for those seeking success in the modern game of selling. You’ll learn how to win more sales in any business.

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