About Us

PurpleVertex is collaborated with industries top experts who share their expertise on any given subject matter. PurpleVertex carefully chooses and curates professional courses which will help all departments across any organizations. Our courses cover the niche areas, recent updates in regulations, governance or compliance. Our experts present innovative industry best practices and standards, which will quickly help any organization to adapt.

Some of the top industries we serve are: Life Science, BFSI, Health Care and Hospital, Manufacturing, Trade and Logistics, Construction, IT and PCI Compliance. We also cover areas like : HR Compliance, OSHA Compliance, EHS Compliance, Food Safety Compliance, Trading Compliance, Accounting and Taxation, Payroll, Benefits and Compensation.



Live Webinar will help the participants to attend course using webinar software. This software is easy to use and self explanatory. The participants will be able to listen and view the instructor screen using this webinar software. Once a participant registers and pays for a Live Access, Team PurpleVertex will send a webinar joining link to the email address used during the registration by the participant. Please note Team PurpleVertex sends this joining link 24 hours prior to the webinar schedule date and time. The team will also send the presentation slides used by the instructor and training material shared by the instructor. The participant will also have an opportunity to actively attend the Q&A session.


Recorded webinar is a pre-recorded and archived course. PurpleVertex will record both the audio and visuals of a Live Webinar, and add it to our archives. If a participant opts a recorded version of a webinar, Team PurpleVertex will send a link from which the participant will be able to download and listen this course. This link will be sent to the email address used by the participant during the registration. Team PurpleVertex will also send the training material and slide used by the instructor. The participant can send any questions with respect to course to team.support@purplevertex.com and we will get an answer to these questions within 48hours from the instructor.

Our recorded webinars can be ordered as a downloadable link, on a pen drive / USB drive, or on a DVD

> For more information on our upcoming webinars please contact support at purplevertex.com